30 March 2009

Monday Mutterings

Day late, dollar short, what else is new?

  1. Road trip :: Florida, senior year!

  2. Pool hall :: I played pool a lot in high school. At bowling alleys, not pool halls.

  3. Extraordinary :: I believe I am ; )

  4. Jackson :: Randy, or the Jackson 5

  5. Heartfelt :: Emotion

  6. Wet :: water is, opposite of dry

  7. Strangle :: There are quite a few people I'd like to

  8. .com :: computerland

  9. Touched :: by an angel

  10. Insipid :: boring, kind of like this word list.
Want to mutter?


Stephanie said...

Jason loves this song!
He knows all of the words, he cracks me up!
My list was boring too!

We both like to shoot pool, we haven't played in years, wow before we had kids.

Donna said...

What song?

Stephanie said...

The Scottsmen

April said...

Did you get the invitation to read my blog?