07 April 2009

Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks

I just realized it's been a week since I wrote a blog post. I don't even know where the time went. It's not like I am super busy. I work part-time two days a week. I have co-op on Friday. I drive my girls places (like friends houses and kyuki-do lessons), take them to appointments (like doctors and dentists), take them to the library for books or anime night, try and keep the girls engaged during the day when I am not driving them places (that pesky homeschooling thing we do ; ) clean up after the cats (that hairball thing they do), go to the grocery store so we can eat, occasionally do the laundry (to keep my hubby happy), iron for hubby (so he'll look presentable at work) cook dinner at least a few nights a week, watch American Idol, etc., etc.

Writing it down makes it seem like I am busier than I am. Or maybe I should just cut myself some slack because I am busy. Looking over my list I realize I didn't even add anything I do for me. I suppose sitting at the computer and checking my email or Facebook would count as me time. Now if I only had a comfier desk chair I might enjoy it more. But then I'd probably see my time go by even more quickly, because if my chair was comfier, I might never get up, LOL.

I'm always so tired during the week, I really look forward to the weekend. But that just makes the week seem to go by quicker. Pretty soon several weeks have gone by and one wonders where the month has gone. I'm not sure how to remedy the problem. I suppose I should look forward to every day during the week. Not just live for Friday. Such is the life of a working family. We look forward to the weekend when dad is home and we can sleep in and hang out. No one has a class, no one needs to work. We can just be, our lives are our own, we don't need to be on anyone else's time schedule.

I want to look forward to retirement, but I don't want to be old. There's just no pleasing me I think. I want the best of everything, and I want it now. I want to be retired, I want my time to be my own, I don't want my husband to have to go to work. And I want it now, while we're young enough to enjoy it. So there!

(And of course it would be nice if these middle aged hormones didn't make me so moody ; )


Deanna said...

I sit on an exercise ball at the computer and it just about cured the disc problem in my lower back. Besides, it's supposed to burn a few calories because you are constantly moving ever so slightly while sitting on it.

Stephanie said...

I am like you, I want it all and I want it now :)

I'm stuck sitting but nothing is comfortable and I haven't felt like typing anything profound.

I don't live on anyone's schedule :)

When we do sports then we are at the mercyy of schedules but the kids took spring off.

unschoolermom said...

Me time is good! When I'm at the computer, I'm usually doing my me-time (working on college, checking e-mail, and blogging). :^)