08 March 2009

Muttering on a Rainy Sunday

It has rained all weekend. Bleh. I only like warm rain, and especially when accompanied by thunder and lightning. We had a few rumbles, but nothing spectacular. So I'm in a gloomy mood.

  1. Mourning :: I am in it for my country

  2. Approval :: I don't need anyone's

  3. Lotion :: Aveeno

  4. Perspire :: I like to think I glisten

  5. Language :: Speak English Dammit!

  6. Defection :: I hope I never have to resort to it

  7. Play :: I prefer musicals

  8. Graphic :: novel

  9. Spicy :: Mexican food, yum.

  10. In love :: I am with my DH.
Gloomy answers for a gloomy mood. Want to try muttering?

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

We don't need approval!!!!!!
Love it!
I took defection as in defect but hey that's what I thought :)