01 March 2009

Muttering Sick

Yes, I am sick again. I think I have been sick more than well since January and it really SUCKS! I need sunshine and warmth and I am deprived of both. Illinois is a god-forsaken place to live. Bitter cold, little sun, trapped indoors=an unhappy Donna : (

Let's see how my mood affects my muttering:

  1. Pain :: in the ass

  2. Lego :: my eggo

  3. Trooper :: State

  4. Flicker :: Lights

  5. Character :: I think I am a good judge of character

  6. Determined :: I am determined to be thin before I die

  7. Wing :: It

  8. Control :: I like to be in

  9. Automatic :: I drive an automatic although I can drive a stick

  10. Yeah :: Oh yeah, what's it to ya?
Want to mutter as poorly as me?


Helen said...

LOVE your story about Catherine's birth Donna! Took me back to my birthing days. :-D she was a beautiful baby and is a beautiful young girl. Helen In Reno

Helen said...

PS, I hope she had a really lovely, happy birthday.