15 March 2009

Late Sunday Night Mutterings

It's been a long and tiring weekend. Drank a little too much with dh last night, so I'm working with a bit of a fried brain tonight. Let's see how my unconscious is feeling:

  1. Sunburn :: I've had many

  2. Aquarium : Lots of fishies

  3. Otter :: I love Otters! Emmet Otters Jug Band Christmas : )

  4. Awesome :: Like wow, it was so like totally awesome

  5. LOL :: laughing out loud

  6. Accordion :: Weird "Al" Yankovic

  7. Hot Pocket :: A fairly unappetizing frozen food product

  8. Grandstand :: Kind of like the covered bleacher section

  9. Shaved ::I feel better when my legs are

  10. Upgrade :: It's nice to get a free one
Ok kiddies, see how boring I am? Repeat after me: "Alcohol kills brain cells!"

Want to see if you have any brain cells left? Unconscious Mutterings

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

We have 5 similar this week, that is 50%, HA!
What's a brain cell???