22 March 2009

Mutterin' on a Sunday Afternoon

I've been a little busy to blog this week. Hope to get into some meaty subjects next week. Today, just a little mutterin'.

  1. Studio :: Line by L'Oreal (yes, I am into hair and makeup!)

  2. Meetup :: Meetup? Is that even a word? Spell check doesn't think it's a word. I guess people meetup.....I think the word is lame.

  3. Ostrich :: bury your head in the sand (I hear they are tasty)

  4. Jokes :: I can never remember them to re-tell them

  5. Estranged :: I have never been estranged from a family member

  6. Random :: Acts of kindness

  7. Slap :: in the face

  8. Hotel room :: I enjoy them

  9. Inscribe :: I have several cookbooks inscribed by famous chefs....even Rachel Ray (who I don't really like)

  10. Polar :: bears are dying, polar ice caps are melting, where's Algore when you need him? NOT!

Another boring utterance of mutterings. Want to try muttering yourself?


unschoolermom said...

Just wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for an award. You can claim it at my blog. :^)


Stephanie said...

You enjoy hotels, ha! That is the only way I camp :)
Looks like you are getting nominated twice, I really hoped not to duplicate but oh well.