02 January 2009


After reading a post by Stephanie, I thought I would give this NaBloPoMo thing a try. Since starting my blog last April, I have yet to blog everyday. It's a big task, really, trying to find the time to jot down some thoughts each day. Thoughts that I hope at least one other person might find somewhat interesting, or reasonable, or at the very least coherent.

Today I find myself sick with a bad cold. And womanly issues. So really, the last thing I want to do is sit at my computer and try to process an organized thought. Let alone then transfer that organized thought into words to put on my computer screen. I do tend to think about all sorts of interesting things, but usually late at night, as I lay in bed, no where near my computer. And alas, by morning all my wonderful blog posts have been lost in dreamland.

So I am making the commitment to blog something each day. Whether it be what I'm making for dinner, or maybe it will be some wonderful life altering realization, or it might even be just something funny my kids or cats did. Whatever it is, I am pledging right now that I will post to my blog every day this month. That's the requirement for joining NaBloPoMo, and since I joined, I guess I'd better follow through. Wish me luck : )

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Stephanie said...

I hope you feel better, it sucks to be sick.

I always read your blog so that's one person :)

I am having hormones too, did you see my post about running out of my herbs?

I got them now but it's like starting over and I am not dealing well...