12 January 2009

Monday Mutterings

In reading about meme's I figured out that Unconscious Mutterings is considered a meme. So while I hate to do two in a row, it is muttering time, so I must.

I'm kind of cheating actually, it's really mid-evening Sunday night. But since I am trying to post everyday, I am setting this to post at 12:01 am Monday. So it's not really Monday mutterings, it's 8pm Sunday night mutterings. What difference can 4 hours make?

  1. Resolution :: I didn't make any
  2. Break :: Prison
  3. Tied :: Fit to be?
  4. Suffering :: Eternal
  5. Instead :: of
  6. Slash :: of Guns n' Roses
  7. Divorce :: I hope to never need one
  8. Cough :: Bend over and
  9. Happy :: Together (song)
  10. Sniffle :: Just got over that too

Well, the only difference 4 hours may have made is that at midnight I will really be unconscious.

Can you mutter unconsciously?

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