08 January 2009

Israel, Hamas and the Media

I thought I was sick of the media during the election. Well they are still making me sick. Almost every news show I watch that talks about the conflict between Israel and Hamas infers that Israel is to blame. Are you kidding me? Sometimes I feel like throwing things at my TV, only I like my TV, just not the talking heads on it. I don't profess to be an expert on the subject, but columnist Cal Thomas wrote something that I found in the Patriot Post that I wholeheartedly agree with:

"Hamas and its terrorist cousins know how to play the public relations game. Most recently we saw it in Lebanon with Hezbollah, as we have seen it in so many other places. The terrorists operate within civilian areas so that when Israel strikes and unintentionally kills civilians, the bodies are paraded before Western media. In some cases, in order to embellish the drama, bodies have been planted in rubble, along with a child's toy. Most of the big media don't focus on the occasional rocket attacks inside Israel; only on Israel's attempts to stop them. So much of Western thinking continues along the delusional line that only 'adjustments' by Israel have a chance of bringing peace by diminishing the passions of her enemies. If that were so, given all of Israel's concessions, shouldn't those passions have diminished by now and serious negotiations begun? Instead, the more Israel concedes, the more violence it gets. At some point you might think people would say, 'this isn't working' and try another approach, such as striking back in a manner that would not simply stop the present threat, but persuade Hamas and the others that there is no benefit in their continued aggression. ... Israel's goal should be peace through strength. The U.S. should commit to building up Israel, militarily and diplomatically, as a deterrent to Israel's enemies, many of whom also hate and wish to destroy America."

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