04 January 2009

Muttering with a cold

Ugh, the sickness continues. I can hardly breathe, let's see if I can think.

  1. Confirmation :: a Catholic sacrament
  2. Verse :: bible
  3. Authorize :: I like to be in a position to authorize things
  4. Blog :: I have one
  5. Thirty :: seems like a long time ago
  6. Heir :: I am an heir to nothing
  7. What are you doing? :: waiting for a ham to cook
  8. Complaint :: I have filed complaint letters
  9. Leave :: where would I go?
  10. Tune :: I can hum you one

My stuffed up brain is boring I see. Maybe if this god-forsaken cold would go away I could have a clear thought again. Want to give this muttering thing a go?

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I'm not an heir either!