02 November 2008

Midnight Mutterings

Seeing as last night was Halloween, midnight mutterings seemed in order.

  1. In love :: If I fell in love with you, would you promise to be true, help me understand, (Beatles song)
  2. Be my guest :: be our guest, be our guest, (Beauty and the Beast)
  3. Number one :: One is the loneliest number (another song!)
  4. Swallowed whole :: You don't want to know what I'm thinking ; )
  5. 50 percent :: is 1/2
  6. Made in :: America
  7. Supplement :: Vitamin
  8. Right for :: Life
  9. Endless :: Love (my endless love, song)
  10. Ceramic :: Pottery

Seems my midnight brain is full of song. Care to see if your brain wants to sing? Unconscious Muterings

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Oh you are too much, I know what you are thinking. I see you were in a singing mood, hope that means you are feeling a bit better.

My friend called me tonight needing reassurance about Tuesday.
I told her that I honestly believe that America will do the right thing, vote freedom, reject socialist control and oppression.

Did you see Obama making jokes now about McCain calling him a socialist. He says he shared his Peanut butter sandwich in school, is that socialism?

Hello we aren't talking about sharing we are talking about taking from those that work hard and giving to those who don't.

How can he think this is ok?

Not talking about those that can't but those that choose not to because big brother Obama will put gas in your car and pay your mortgage...
Sorry I refrained earlier on Julie's blog I guess I couldn't any longer...

I'm done for now.