20 November 2008

Crazy Old Cat Lady

In keeping with my last posts cat theme, I thought I would let you know that some people think I will be a crazy old cat lady in 30 years. So this picture I found on icanhascheezburger, is quite fitting : )

So do you think they ate her? LOL


Deanna said...

We still have five of the six kittens that a wild stray had in our pickup back in April (we did find a home for one). Fairly recently they've all figured out how to come into the laundry room via the doggie door and are convinced that they were born to be house cats.

Another wild stray had kittens just before these but they were born behind Chris' house and we only saw one of them one time. Just a couple of weeks ago this one rather scroungy looking kitten decided to join the others. She was never handled so she's wild but this morning when I opened the door to the laundry room I realized there were SIX black kitties instead of just five in there. Plus our 14 year old cat that stays in the house but sleeps in the laundry room at night. Yes, seven cats.

I told David it was a darn good thing I was married otherwise "crazy cat lady" just might be an apt description.

Stephanie said...

Oh girl you are making me itchy!!!!

ah ah ahchoo!