13 November 2008

It's Thankfulness Thursday

Everyday I really have so much to be thankful for, and while I try to think of those things daily, I'm only going to bore you with my list weekly : )

1. - My health. I had a scare earlier this week, really worked myself into a tizzy imagining what could be wrong with me. Seems it's just another sign of my aging body. I am thankful for this body, that can still get up out of bed in the morning, see my husband off to work, care for my home and kids. Thankful I have eyes to see and ears to hear and arms to hold and love with.

2. - I am thankful for the seasons. It was a bit warmer today than it has been the last few days, so I was able to get outside and rake some leaves (thankful for my body again). I like fall, everything is dying off, going into hibernation. It's a time to contemplate, the days are shorter, the leaves crinkle and fires burn in people's chimneys. I love the smell and sounds of fall.

3. - I am thankful for my cats. For all cats really. I just really love this animal. I have 4, 5 if you count the stray I feed, and they are each unique and bring different joys to my day. I am also thankful for the wildlife I see in my yard. I love to watch the birds and squirrels in my yard. Watch them scurry around and bury their nuts, see the birds swoop down and peck at the seed. All the animals are preparing for winter and it's such fun to watch them busily go about their day.

4. - I am thankful for my husband and children. My husband who carries so much stress, worrying about our family, and often doesn't show it. My children, who act like children most of the time, but I love them anyway : )

5. - For my country. I may not be happy with the state of affairs at the moment, but I am thankful to be an American. I am thankful to have been born in America and still believe this is the greatest country in the world.

"The sun was shining in my eyes, and I could barely see
To do the necessary task that was allotted me.
Resentment of the vivid glow, I started to complain
--When all at once upon the air
I heard the blind man's cane."
~ Earl Musselman ~

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unschoolermom said...

Very nice! I love cats, too. We have five. Then we have two dogs, a guinea pig, and a tree frog. :^)