05 October 2008

Sunday Muttering

I waited for my word list last night ( it gets emailed to me every week) and it never showed : (

So I had to hunt down my word list this week.....that's why I am a little late.

So here's my muttering on a cool, rainy, late Sunday afternoon:

  1. Insight :: revelation
  2. Irksome :: bothersome
  3. Maybe :: I'll think about it
  4. Confirmation :: What I did when I was Catholic
  5. Bib :: keeps babys slop off them
  6. Stop! :: Look and Listen
  7. Lobster :: tail
  8. Boys :: will be boys
  9. Fire away :: Hit me with your best shot (Pat Benatar)
  10. Give up :: Walk away

Want to mutter too?


Stephanie said...

We are out of sync girlfriend!

Stephanie said...

A California stop is when you don't completely stop. You slow down and almost stop but when nobody else is there you just roll on through. I lived in CA for many years and I'm sure people do that all over but it was called a CA stop.

Victoria said...

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