12 October 2008

Sunday Morning Muttering

Up too early, thought I'd give my sleepy brain a try at muttering:

  1. Zoo :: Lions
  2. Neighborhood :: bully
  3. Salute :: a soldier
  4. Immortality :: I hope I have it
  5. Dominion :: Obama thinks America is his
  6. Rhonda :: Help me Rhonda
  7. Parties :: I like to throw them
  8. Prince of Darkness :: Satan (Obama?)
  9. Garbage :: in garbage out
  10. Standard :: ideal

That's all my brain can handle this early, think I might go back to bed : )

Want to mutter on a tired brain too?


Stephanie said...

So do you like lions? Lions are cool, I love elephants :) I would own one if I could.

I don't even like the Beach Boys per say but I just know some somgs it's funny how we both came up with that.

You had the stones to call Obama the prince of darkness!

I like you more each day :)

Donna said...

I like all cats......that's why I think I thought of lions. Plus I do like to see them at the zoo. I'd own a lion or tiger (not a bear) if I could. If I thought it wouldn't eat me : )

Isn't Obama the anti-christ? I thought all republicans thought that ; )

I don't know too many Rhonda's, (actually I don't know any Rhonda's) which is why I think most people would think of that song......when else do you hear Rhonda? I did initially think of Rhoda, but that isn't Rhonda, is it?