22 October 2008

A First Lady?

If you click on the picture it will enlarge so you can read the fine print. Socialist elitists, that's what they are.


a conscious life said...

Donna! I'm freaking out! Socialism has already begun to take over our country... I can't believe people buy into the sh*t these people are selling! Ugh!

dmarks said...

The idea of taking from people is nothing more than naked greed. Whatever happened to the tried and true idea of making everyone's slice of the pie bigger by just expanding the pie?

Deanna said...

This is false. She couldn't have ordered that because she was giving a speech in Fort Wayne, Indiana at that time. When this fact was pointed out to the New York Post where this first appeared, they printed a retraction acknowledging that Michelle Obama wasn't even staying at the Waldorf and that the source of the disinformation was going to regret feeding them false information.