18 October 2008

More Mindless Muttering

Maybe muttering will take my mind off politics for a while:

  1. Magical :: Mystery Tour
  2. Shrimp :: cocktail
  3. Project Runway :: Heidi Klum
  4. Economy :: sick of hearing about it
  5. Porch :: wish I had one
  6. State of affairs :: abyssmal
  7. .com :: internet
  8. Fifty cents :: all we'll have left if Obama wins
  9. Ripping :: me off (Obama will be if he wins)
  10. Bull :: shit (Obama is full of it)

I was doing so well until I hit #8. Even muttering reminded me of politics.......damn that Obama, he's like stepping in gum, you can never seem to get it all off of your shoe.

Care to mutter?


Stephanie said...


WomanHonorThyself said...

hey there..just added you and Steph to my blogroll..great blogs!..please do visit again and leave your 2 cents! :)