20 October 2008

Oh C'mon, Laugh A Little

Again I have stolen someone else's joke. I would give credit where it is due, if I knew who to give the credit to. Whoever they are, I thank them.

A teacher was explaining the two party system to her students, and little Tommy raised his hand to say he plans to be a Republican.

"Why is that?" asked the teacher.

"Well," he replied, "My father was a Republican, and my grandfather was a Republican, and my great grandfather was a Republican.

"Wanting the child to think for himself, she prodded: "What if your father, and your grandfather, and your great grandfather had all been thieves?"

Quickly Tommy responded, "Then I'd be a Democrat."


unschoolermom said...

That's pretty cute. :^) (I'm assuming this wasn't a public school - they wouldn't want Tommy to think for himself).


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Smart kid, that Tommy. Of course, after his response, the teacher probably sent him to the principal's office and his parents were called because that kind of hate speach is absolutely unacceptable!

Stephanie said...

I giggled!