26 October 2008

Early Sunday Mutterings

My DH decided to get up at 8:30 today. Why? I don't know. So let's see how sleepy my unconscious is this morning.

  1. Contemplate :: Think about

  2. In the house :: lived a mouse

  3. Classical :: music

  4. Quest :: vision

  5. Best friend :: I don't really have one anymore

  6. 1991 :: year I moved in with DH

  7. Never will :: never say never

  8. Fool :: on a hill

  9. Unhappy :: I will be if Obama wins

  10. Best man :: there isn't one

Well, I made it to #9 this week before I had to think about that damn Obama again.

Want to see what your unconscious is up to? Unconscious mutterings.

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