23 February 2009

Day Two

(This is a continuation of a story started yesterday about my eldest daughters birth).

So I ended yesterday with going to bed and trying to sleep whilst having contractions.

So now it's Thursday. I wake up in the morning, still feeling the same way I felt the day before. Intermittent contractions, come and go every 15 -20 mins or so. I call my doctor and she says I should come back into her office and she will check me again. I get there, she puts the belt on, yes, I am still having what she calls "mild" contractions (they didn't feel mild to me!) and I am barely at 2 cm. Barely 2? I tell her I cannot go on like this for 8 more days if it is taking me a day to advance 1 cm. So she says she will strip my membranes and see if it will help speed things along. I didn't really know what "stripping my membranes" was, but it hurt like hell. While she was "in there" doing her thing, I asked her to stop, it was really, really uncomfortable. She got a bit snippy with me "You do want your labor to progress don't you?" No, duh, I think I'd like to be pregnant forever. What a stupid question. The whole goal was for me to get something out and here she was shoving her arm 1/2 way in, and twisting things around in there. Ouch!

(And I'd like to let you all know my doctor had never been pregnant, so she really had no idea how any of her torture devices felt.)

So after my "stripping" experience, she tells me to go back home and see how things go. I asked her what will it take for her to want to induce. She says I'm still moving along fine on my own, albeit a bit slowly, let's leave it to nature.

I want to have this baby now! But alas, Carley was meant to be born on the 24th not the 23rd, so I will need to wait one more day.

So DH and I went home. I continued to take my Darvocet to lessen the pain of the contractions and I tried to rest and sleep. I didn't make it through the night................more tomorrow : )

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