22 February 2009

Carley Turns 14

My oldest will be 14 on Tuesday. At 3:20pm to be exact. I was in labor with her for three days before she was born, so I thought I would spend the next three days writing about her appearance into this world. (She was born on Friday, I started labor on Wednesday, technically about 54 hours, so not exactly three days : )

Carley (Caroline) was originally due on my birthday, February 19. She was 5 days late. But she started to try making her appearance on the 22nd. It was a Wednesday. I thought I was in labor. Now having never been in labor before, I was interpreting what I thought was labor. I had pain, a lot of pain, and it would stop for 10-15 mins and then start again. I called my doctor Wednesday morning and she said to come to her office and she would check me out. When I got there she put the belt on me, and yes, I was having contractions, but they weren't "productive" contractions. I was dilated to 1 cm. Yes, only 1. So she gave me some pain meds and sent me home. She said I would probably have the baby in a few days, but not that day. I wasn't that late (only a few days) and she didn't want to force things yet. Ugh!

So home I went, where I took my pain meds and tried to sleep. I didn't get much sleep that night, the meds didn't take the contraction pain completely away, and I kept having intermittent contractions all night. They never got too close together, so I just laid in bed and prayed for it to be over!

I'll tell you about day 2 of my labor tomorrow.


Stephanie said...

My oldest will be 14 in July.
I had lots of painful braxton hicks contractions and they didn't even dilate me.

I'd get them every 15 minutes too.

Donna said...

My doctor said they weren't braxton hicks, I was in labor, just not progressing and she didn't see any reason to rush me along. As long as my water didn't break (in which case I would have gone right back to the hospital) she said I should just hang out and wait and see if they intensified or sped up. Which didn't happen, (you'll find out tomorrow ; )

unschoolermom said...

I hope Carly has a wonderful birthday! I don't think I would want to do a three-day labor. A one-day labor with Nathanael was enough for me. LOL (Well, I labored with Taliesin, too, but it was different being induced in a hospital than hanging out at home).