10 May 2009

Sunday Night Muttering

I've been missing my email from LunaNina, so I haven't muttered in a few weeks. I've missed that random, free-flowing thought process, so here goes:

  1. Again :: And again, and again, and again!

  2. Shower :: Rain or bathroom?

  3. Flirting :: with my hubby

  4. Moving on :: up, to the east side, to a deluxe apartment, in the sky

  5. Rachel :: Carson, Ray, Green

  6. Chips :: when the chips are down (what does that really mean anyway?)

  7. Texting :: I don't do it

  8. Feel better :: I wish I did

  9. Cashmere :: Sweater.....poor little goaties

  10. Sucked :: it up!
Ok, those were lame answers, I think I am rusty. Want to try muttering yourself?

1 comment:

Parsley said...

I'm doing this too now. How fun.

I think 'When the chips are down' has something to do with gambling.

Have a great day!