05 May 2009

People Annoy Me

I know I shouldn't let little things bother me, but they do, especially when my hormones are active!

One of biggest pet peeves is people who talk on their cell phone and drive. I'm sorry, but unless it's an emergency, you don't need to be on the phone while you drive. I want you watching the road, holding the wheel, making sure you know how to work the gas and brake, not making a nail appointment or chit chatting about what your daughter is wearing to the prom. Especially if you are in front of me. Especially if you pull out in front of me and have no clue what the speed limit is.

Tonight, on my way home from the grocery store this very thing happened. A woman (men do it too, so you're not off the hook) pulled out in front of me. I was close enough that I had to slam on the brakes. Then she proceeded to drive about 10 miles per hour under the limit, and of course she was on her phone. I had my window open, so I screamed "Hang up and drive!" but I don't think she heard me. And thankfully I only had to follow her 1/2 a mile or so before I had to turn off, or some severe road rage may have ensued.

I am pretty Libertarian in my views, I am ok to live and let live most of the time and I don't think we need a law for everything, BUT............I am ok with laws banning cell phones while driving. I think it makes perfect sense. One really should be concentrating on the road, there are so many idiot drivers out there, even if you are one, you should be watching out for the other ones. I know when I am talking on the phone at home I've burned dinner, I've ignored my children and I can even miss 1/2 of what Sonny says on General Hospital. So how is it if I miss all these things while talking on the phone at home that I would be perfectly fine talking while driving? It isn't, and I don't care who you are (channeling Larry the cable guy), you get distracted while talking on the phone. So don't talk and drive dammit! But if you decide to anyway, watch out for the pms'ing woman in the blue van, and whatever you do, do not pull out in front of her while on your cell phone. You may be sorry.

Oh, wouldn't the world seem dull and flat with nothing whatever to grumble at?

~W.S. Gilbert


Stephanie said...

I HATE when people pull out in front of me and I have to slam on the brakes or hit their dumbass!
Then driving inder the speed limit!!!
Oh I hear you!

I do talk once in awhile while driving but usually it's brief, I don't chit chat and not pay attention.

Some people do the darndest things while driving, phone use is just one of them. Also there is the hands free headset for people who yap alot.

No more laws!
You can't fix STUPID!

Stephanie said...

Under not Inder :)

Deanna said...

I agree, Stephanie. If you outlaw cell phones you should also outlaw any number of other stupid things I see people doing while driving. Like you, I don't just chat on the phone while driving but once in awhile I will use it briefly. I never do it in heavy traffic and I have no trouble telling the person on the other end that I need to concentrate a minute if conditions require more attention. I also pull over if it's a conversation that requires concentration. Like the other day I received a call from a detail shop about my friend's car that needed to be cleaned after her husband's suicide. I pulled into a parking lot to conduct that conversation.

Some people are stupid drivers even without a phone in their hands. I see it almost every time I drive anywhere. But I decided some time ago that I needed to chill out a bit and not let stuff upset me quite so much. The idiot almost never realizes that I'm upset, it doesn't change the situation, and it just raises my blood pressure.

Parsley said...

I wish too that we could have a cell phone signal blockers in public restrooms.

Why do people sit in the stalls and answer their phones while doing their business?!?! Flushing all around, sounds....just awful manners to pick up the phone in there!

Just because the phone rings, doesn't mean you have to answer it whether on the road or in the toilet!

Kris said...

I'm not in favor of most new laws but I tend towards favoring a ban on cell phones while driving. I've had way too many close calls with people who are almost completely unaware that they are driving a huge chunk of metal. I have been known, in the past, for following people who do stupid things and telling them off when they get out of their car.