10 December 2008

Wednesday Muttering

With yahoo being so screwy, I never got my muttering list this week. I just remembered to look it up. So here goes, a midweek muttering:

  1. Love affair :: I've had one (I'm still in it : )
  2. Bubble :: Sometimes my head is in one
  3. Pimple :: never had too many
  4. Knocks :: life is full of hard knocks
  5. Persistent :: I am pretty persistent (I like to get my way)
  6. Infected :: I don't want to be infected with anything!
  7. Yay! :: Yay should be spelled Yea. (check spellcheck, I'm right: )
  8. Repaint :: my house
  9. Daily :: vitamin
  10. Quickly! :: I don't move very quickly : )
I'm boring this week. Or should I blame the words? It's always good to pass the blame, don't ya think? LOL Want to see if you mutter boringly?

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