28 December 2008

Sunday Mutterings

Oh my poor neglected blog! I just don't seem to have time for you. But I always have time for a little mindless muttering.

  1. Destined :: for failure?
  2. FAIL :: to live
  3. Camping :: I like it
  4. Only you :: Would say something like that
  5. Incessant :: talking
  6. Tomorrow :: is another day
  7. Impressive :: array
  8. Riches :: Wish I had some monetary ones, although I have many others
  9. Dislike :: too many to list
  10. Speaker :: of the House?

My holiday brain is boring I see. Maybe I need to write an interesting blog post to get my brain back in gear.

Want to see if your brain is engaged? Try muttering!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

We both answered #9 the same.