02 August 2008


If you have a teenage daughter, then you know that the latest Twilight series book came out Friday at midnight. Breaking Dawn is the fourth book in the series. I haven't read them, I just get to hear about them, ALL THE TIME.

My daughter Carley just had to be there at midnight to get the new book. Our local Border's was throwing a party before the midnight release. So I started my day Friday morning by stopping by our local Border's to pick up a wrist band for Carley. The wrist band determined the order in which one got to purchase their book. Her wrist band was #19. I got there at 9:05 and there were people there before me. Border's opens at 9:00 am.

My lovely daughter was supposed to get up Friday morning and come with me to get her wrist band. She promised me Thursday night she would get up. I had my doubts. So when I went to wake her Friday morning at 8:45, our conversation went something like this:

Me: "It's 8:45, get up, let's go get your wrist band."
Carley: (moan, moan moan) "Ugh".
Me: Are you going to get up?"
Carley: (whine) "Will you go?"
Me: "I knew you wouldn't get up! Yes, since I am already showered and ready to go, I will go....alone! You owe me one!"

I just knew I would end up going alone. She is not a morning person. I gave myself mom kudos for that.

My hubby originally agreed to take Carley to the event Friday night. He took her to the Harry Potter event last summer. I guess that was just too much for him, so he asked me if we could split the duty this time. So I took my daughter at 9:30 and my hubby said he would relieve me at 10:30.

It was quite interesting actually. As I expected, it was mostly tween/teenage girls. Some were dressed up, most weren't. But a lot of them had homemade Twilight themed t-shirts on. That was creative. The first event at 9:45 was a trivia contest. A large circle of girls, squealing girls, surrounded the poor Border's employees running the contest. A woman who looked to be in her 50's was asking the questions. She had to keep telling the girls to back up. They were swarming her. Basically, if you knew the answer to the question, you were supposed to just yell it out. First to yell gets a prize. Carley ended up with a button just for participating.

At this point I decided I would spend my next 45 mins in the cafe. I grabbed a People magazine off the rack and found a table. Looking around I realized the rest of the people in the cafe looked mostly like other parents waiting for the night to end. Every once in a while a girl or a gaggle of girls would come to a table and squeal to their parent(s). They were all screaming or squealing. It was quite loud for a bookstore. Carley came over at one point to ask for money. Seems they were serving a "blood" drink in honor of the Cullen clan (they are the vampire's). It was a strawberry/cherry smoothie type thing. Pretty red, not quite as thick as a smoothie. Could've passed for cold thick blood. I guess that was the point.

Around 10:15 I noticed some older teen boys enter the bookstore. I could tell immediately that they were dressed as vampires. Not regular vampires of course, Edward type vampires. There had been some other random boys walking around, but this was the first group that looked like they came for the party. They were cute boys. I wondered if they came because they knew this is where all the girls in town were.

Finally 10:30 arrived and hubby took over. I went home but waited up until Carley and her dad got home. That was at 12:10 am. We only live 5 mins from the bookstore, and since she was in the first group to buy the book, she was out of the store 5 mins after they went on sale. My daughter was quite hyper when she got home and then she regaled me with the events from the rest of the night. One of the things she told me was how she went up and asked a boy and his friend dressed as vampires if she could hug them. I guess Carley and some girls were talking about how they wanted to hug a vampire. They spied two vampire boys and Carley said she'd ask them if she could hug them. She asked, they said yes, she hugged them. Then the gaggle of girls went and hugged them too. I guess the guys thought it was funny that these young teen girls wanted to hug them. They were older teens, probably junior or seniors in high school. The girls were all Jr. high age. That was funny to me. My daughter can be quite bold when she wants to be, but asking a boy if she could hug him seems almost out of character. Must have been the fake blood she was drinking.

Here's a picture of the boys she hugged, and yes she hugged both of them. My daughter is the first girl on the left, you can just barely see her face. Sorry for the blurry picture, seems giddy girls don't know how to focus : )

So all in all, a pretty successful evening. Carley was very happy and it seemed she has some good memories. So I went to bed. Hubby didn't get to bed until 1:30am, and I guess Carley was still up reading. She told me this morning she wasn't sure exactly what time she fell asleep. Well, seeing as I didn't wake her until almost noon, I guess she told me this afternoon she didn't how late she stayed up. She has since spent most of the day reading her book. I do believe she will finish it today.


Stephanie said...

Sounds like she had fun.
I would have never heard of the books if CCU wasn't talking about them. I have a teenage boy who doesn't like pleasure reading.

unschoolermom said...

Looks like lots of fun!