31 August 2008

Muttering with a Headache

Finally getting a chance to do some muttering.......spent the day at the Renaissance Faire. My brain hurts. I wonder if my muttering can show how bad of a headache I have? If my answers are nonsensical, I blame the headache!

  1. Groceries :: Food
  2. Deodorant :: Please wear it
  3. Psychic :: powers
  4. Cherries :: are sweet
  5. Spooky :: ghost
  6. Yogurt :: icky
  7. Kitchen :: cabinets
  8. Nothing personal :: but I am nosey and want some info!
  9. Be nice :: so people will like you
  10. Delivery :: special

Care to mutter nonsensically too?

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I muttered with a head cold, I feel like crap. I hope your headache goes away.