22 July 2008

The Shack

I must admit, I was hesitant to read this book. I am one who easily falls prey to the naysayers. There are a lot of negative comments about this book in Internet land.

But there are also plenty of positive. This book really made me think. It also made me feel loved. At times it brought me to tears and really touched my heart. I have been questioning my faith lately, well, not my faith really but religion. What I have been told, what I have been taught. I have never doubted that God or Jesus existed, just wasn't too sure what man turned him into.

I highly recommend everyone read this book. Religious or not, believer or not. It will give you a new fresh perspective on things. It isn't new age, it isn't trying to teach a new religion. It's a fictional book, showing how we can all get back to the most important thing, a relationship with our Lord.

Some links to look at: The Shack Book, You may want to save this one for after you read the book: Is The Shack Heresy?


jaci said...

I think I will refuse to read "Is The Shack Heresy" link. Some people just want God-in-a-box and refuse to let Him be Who He is. I loved the book & have purchased it for other folks. Oh - and I read it on the recommendation of a minister. :)
I'm glad you liked it, too!

Donna said...

the 'Is the shack heresy' link takes you to Wayne Jacobsen's blog. He has some very good rebuttals for those who have said negative things about the book. He lays it all out scripturally why the book is not new age or anti-god. It has some good info if you feel you need to defend the book. That's why I inncluded the link : )

Stephanie said...

I agree, I loved this book, it was well written and the story really kept me interested.
The message of love and relationship instead of rules and authority was priceless.
I don't care what people think if they can't see thhe damage by misinterpreting the Bible then He needs to show them.

Kandy Crosby-Hastings said...

I haven't read it. Sounds interesting, though. Do you remember the movie Signs? That movie helped me a lot, seriously. I cried at the end.


granola*girl* said...

I thought the Intro/Forward said the story is as much of the truth as can be remembered. It's not a fictional story... but reality, slightly embellished.

I'm still on chapter 1... I'll get through it soon. I'm just busy reading something else.