16 July 2008

The Daily Groove

I subscribe to the Daily Groove. Some of them just seem to "click" with me, and today's especially did, so I thought I should share it. I highly recommend subscribing to remind yourself how to be the best you can be for your children.

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

Growing Down ::

Phrases like "child's play" and "cry like a baby" and"grow up!" expose an unspoken belief of our culture: children are expected to have fun and express their feelings openly, while grown-ups are expected to accept that life is mostly a grind with little room for authenticity. Perhaps, then, our desire for our children to be happy and authentic is partly a wish for ourselves.

Luckily,*modeling* is the most effective parenting tool, so let's model authenticity and lightness today by"growing down"...

*Eat spaghetti with your fingers

*Wear shoes that don't match

*Wear no shoes at all... in the rain

*Don't delay gratification

*Scream when you feel like it

*Pee in the grass!

No need to worry what other grown-ups might think. Just tell them you're sacrificing your adultness for the good of your children. : )


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