20 July 2009

More Monday Morning Muttering

Seems I have been too busy to keep up with Saturday night muttering (that's when the list comes to my email). So here I am with another Monday morning muttering.

  1. Banter :: Talking back and forth

  2. Amazing :: life is pretty much, isn't it?

  3. Towel :: Love a big fluffy one

  4. Cinema :: Movie theater

  5. Newspaper :: try to read one everyday

  6. Not good :: Obama as president

  7. My type :: of what? man? food? blood?

  8. Twinkle :: twinkle, little star....yum a twinkie!

  9. Actress :: I wanted to be one when I was little

  10. Daft :: are you crazy?
These words are getting lame. Maybe I should come up with my own.

Want to mutter with these words? lunanina

Want to give me a new list? Feel free to post it in my comments and I'll mutter with them : )

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