05 July 2009

Lazy Sunday Mutterings

Still recovering from the 4th, doing nothing and feeling lazy. Brain is hardly functioning......let's see how it mutters:

  1. Independence :: Our country needs to keep ours

  2. Meltdown :: Thankfully my children don't have them anymore

  3. Vulture :: predator

  4. Hope :: Kind of getting tired of hearing that word (and Change!)

  5. Float :: Ice Cream

  6. Hole :: Ass

  7. Trespass :: ers will be shot ; )

  8. Moving :: only place I want to move to is Florida!

  9. Extinct :: Our country will be if we don't collectively wise up soon

  10. Alligator :: my high school mascot
I have a headache now! Want to try muttering? Lunanina

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