01 August 2009

Late Saturday Night Muttering

I'm going to give this muttering thing one more chance. If this weeks words are as sucky as they have been lately, I just may have to give up trying to explore my unconscious!

  1. Memo :: Didn't you get the memo?

  2. Copy :: machine

  3. Office :: supplies

  4. Stapler :: another piece of office equipment

  5. Paycheck :: Wish I got one ( a big one!)

  6. Watercooler :: I'd like one in my house

  7. Desk :: I have a small one

  8. Human :: nature

  9. Resort :: I want to go to one on a beach someplace warm!

  10. Boss :: I want to be my own
Hmm, not sure I care for office words. This could be my big farewell to muttering. We'll see how next weeks words look. Care to mutter yourself?

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