28 September 2008

Our Country Deserves Better


Stephanie said...

Very good!
He stutters more than GWB! LOL!
Letterman would have a field day with those speeches.

He doesn't know what he stands for, liberals change with the wind.

Deanna said...

Politicians in general change with the wind:


Ron Paul is the only politician I am familiar with who has remained consistent, even when it wasn't popular. If congress had listened to him years ago we wouldn't be in our current financial crisis.

Donna said...

ron paul doesn't have a snowball's chance to win this election. I do wish people who want to vote for a third party candidate or not at all would realize this. McCain may not be perfect, but he is far better than the alternative.

Deanna said...

Ron Paul is no longer in the race and is not a third party candidate. I was merely pointing out that he has been a rarity in the political world.

I'm not voting third party because Oklahoma will only have the two major parties on the ballet (which stinks). As for whether McCain is "far better than the alternative", I think that's debatable. Slightly better? Perhaps.

If McCain were to say, "Okay, I screwed up when I selected Palin as my running mate" and then choose someone I could live with as president if he were to die in office, I might very well vote for him. That would show the sort of guts and rational thought I want in a president.

It won't happen.

Donna said...

What is your problem with Sarah Palin? She is more qualified than Obama, and she is only running as Vice President. I think picking her was one of the smartest things McCain has done.

Deanna said...

Ordinarily I wouldn't be quite so concerned about a VP pick but considering McCain's age and health issues I think there is a greater than usual chance he won't survive a term if he were elected. That makes the choice of VP very important.

*My problem* with Palin is too complex to deal with here but to name just a few concerns:

*I don't like her environmental views.

*I think she is woefully unprepared for this position. Perhaps someday, but not yet.

*Some of her comments about Russia scare me. The last thing this country needs is another "conflict".

*It took her six years and five colleges to attain a bachelor's degree in sports journalism. Her resume includes weather girl, 4 years on city council, 6 years as mayor of a town with less than 9,000 people, and 20 months as governor of a state with only 650,000 people. I know some people like the idea that she is "just like us" but I'm not looking for a candidate that I'd want to go shopping with.

*I disagree with her belief that the Iraq occupation is "a task from God".

*I don't like the way she asked Wasilla city employees to resign as a "loyalty test".

*This will no doubt really offend some people but her religious affiliation scares me. I grew up in an Assembly of God church so I know first hand what is taught. If she were in the position of determining foreign policy someday, her religious views could very well lead her to make some decisions which I think would be hugely detrimental to our nation and the world as a whole.

In a sense, McCain was indeed *smart* to pick Palin. A lot of the conservative Republicans who detested McCain during the primaries have now been pulled into his camp. Very canny move on his part.

I've said it before; I don't like the Obama/Biden ticket, either. And that's why I can't bring myself to vote for either one.

unschoolermom said...

Sometimes it takes a while to finish a degree. LOL. I'm on my second college; and it's been five years since I stopped. My brother teases me and calls me a perpetual student. Sometimes "qualifications" don't mean a thing. If someone is called to do something - whether it be a sports journalist or a President - qualifications aren't what is necessarily important. They help in some major areas, definitely. But if she's the one, she's the one, no matter what. I agree with the environmental thing. I wish she would change her stance on that. But I guess I cannot agree with her on everything.


Stephanie said...

What is wrong with her environmental view?
I'm all for drilling here so maybe my view is screwed up too.

I don't like some of her take's like it's God's will, who knows what God's will really is?

I like her, she has stones!

Obama and more socialism is much scarier to me.

Deanna said...

Stephanie: For starters, she led Alaska to file suit against the U.S. Interior Dept. to remove polar bears from the endangered species list.

Her motto is "drill, baby, drill". She says that alternative energy sources would require 10 years to develop yet developing new domestic oil resources would take that long or longer and would lead to more greenhouse-gas emissions from a finite fuel source.

In addition to drilling in ANWR (where polar bears would be a hassle for drillers), she is in favor of increased off-shore drilling, something McCain has been against until this summer. This is despite the fact that the U.S. Dept. of Energy has estimated that it would take nearly two decades for offshore drilling to have any effect on gas prices, and even then only by a few pennies. I want to see more emphasis on clean, alternative energy sources.

She advocates the aerial hunting of wolves. This past winter, 14 wolf puppies were pulled from their den and shot. Look for the video of this practice and it will turn your stomach.

I was a Ron Paul supporter so obviously I am not in favor of socialism. However, we have continued our onward march in that direction despite a Republican White House the past 8 years. Government continues to grow, spending has increased exponentially, and at the same time our individual rights have been greatly eroded (the Patriot Act is one example of this).

Congress is responsible for a lot of this sort of thing and that will continue to be the case no matter who becomes the president. My greater fear is that of further involvement in conflicts around the world. That is one area in which a president holds a tremendous amount of power.

Once again, I am not happy with either of our choices. And unless something changes I won't be voting for either one. But in all honesty, I am more frightened of the McCain/Palin ticket.

And while personality quirks are not what I base my votes upon, Palin annoys the heck out of me. Her voice, her "folksy" tone, the dropping of the "g" at the end of words, the inability to pronounce "nuclear". Jimmy Carter couldn't pronounce it right, either, and Bush has mispronounced it for the past 8 years. I'd like to see that rectified. LOL! (I hope you realize I'm joking around and I would never use that sort of criteria in judging a candidate; after all, I voted for Bush!)

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and should vote their conscience. That's what I intend to do.