21 May 2008

American Idol

Ok, so I know I shouldn't really care. But I do. I've been watching all season. Last night was the finale, the final two battled it out to see who the winner should be, which will be announced tonight.
This contest is supposed to be judged by the audience. Sure the judges are there to offer what they consider to be their "expert" opinions, but they do not have final say, we do. So I am left to wonder why they felt the need last night to basically announce David A. the winner? Simon said it was a "knock-out", in David A.'s favor. (They were doing a whole boxing theme for those who may not know).
If you haven't watched this will probably mean nothing to you, but if you have, I think it's hard to deny the appeal of David Cook. I think his music is much more marketable than the other David. It is much more listenable, and more modern. Plus he just seems to be a much more likable guy.
Our entire family took turns calling for the full four hours last night. I think everyone predicts David A. to win. I am looking forward to an upset. I hope I am right.
If you want to hear how well David C. sings, I have a playlist below. (Some of the songs have been disappearing on me, which makes me think the Idol powers that be may be shutting them down. ) The first two on the list are amazing, espeically if you have heard the originals. There is no doubt the boy can sing.

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Colleen said...

I'm glad I read your blog before the final show and listened to your playlist, because prior to that I had no opinion. But I fell in love with David Cook singing the Phantom song and decided he had to win. So I was a tad bit disappointed in his final three songs, but mostly in the judges vote. Now that we know the winner, I'm glad America finally picked an Idol I will be willing to listen to again!