04 May 2008

54 Things I Love About My Husband

Today is my DH's birthday. He is 54. We are calling it his triple golden birthday because he was born 5/4/54......and today he is 54! So I thought maybe I could come up with 54 things I love about my husband. (disclaimer....I got this idea off another homeschooling moms blog! : )

1. He's cute
2. He's funny
3. He has a nice butt
4. He smells good
5. He can fix computers
6. He can fix cars
7. He can fix almost anything!
8. If he can't fix something, he reads about it until he can (he's very unschooley that way : )
9. He's very smart
10. He's witty
11. He's forgiving
12. He eats my cooking
13. He takes me out for dinner
14. He puts up with my PMS
15. He puts up with my cats
16. He puts up with my outside cats : )
17. He puts up with my unschooling the girls
18. He puts up with my minimal house cleaning skills
19. He calls me from work to say hi
20. He calls me before he leaves work to come home
21. He kisses me goodbye every morning
22. He'll get me my paper before he leaves for work
23. He'll go out in a thunderstorm to clean out the gutters so our basement doesn't flood
24. He kills spiders
25. He doesn't kill mice
26. He's a musician
27. He sings to me (sometimes)
28. He watches the History channel
29. He knows a lot about technology, so we have a really cool TV
30. He watches American Idol
31. He lets me use all the tivo hours for all my shows
32. He's a good son
33. He's a good brother
34. He's a good dad
35. He has really nice hair
36. He works hard
37. He takes care of his family
38. He wears Hawaiian shirts
39. He barbecues
40. He knows a lot about a lot of things
41. He watches Jeopardy with me everyday
42. He loves his kids
43. He loves me
44. He took me to Vegas
45. He took me to Disneyworld...3x
46. He rubs my back
47. He cuddles
48. He does the laundry
49. He sets up the Christmas tree and fluffs the branches
50. He has traveled to all sorts of interesting places and tells me about them
51. He likes to have "Jamaica days" when it's really hot in the summer
52. He bails me out when I make stupid mistakes
53. He takes care of me when I am sick
54. He's the best thing that ever happened to me!

I love you sweetie! Hope you had a wonderful birthday and may we have many more birthdays together.

And in the end The love you take, Is equal to the love you make.
-Paul McCartney-

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Mad Gringo said...

#38 - wearing Hawaiian shirts and loved for it. Momma was right!

On a side note, the google ad that they placed on the lower right said "Find out if your husband is gay"

I hope that wasn't a reference to the Hawaiian shirts!

Great list!