13 December 2009

Muttering Again

Thought I would give Unconscious Mutterings another try:

  1. Up :: Up and away, in my beautiful balloon (5th dimension)

  2. Scram! :: and I mean it

  3. Smell :: Ooo ooo that smell, can't you smell that smell, ooo ooo that smell, the smell of death's around you (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

  4. Belong :: You belong to me, tell her you were fooling (Carly Simon)

  5. Doug :: My brother in law

  6. Collar :: ring around the

  7. Squirrel :: I love squirrels!

  8. Chinese :: food, we had it for dinner : )

  9. Tracker :: drawing a blank!

  10. Apartment :: I have lived in several over the course of my life.
Eh, still find this muttering thing kind of lame. It isn't enlightening me, only shows that I usually have a song in my head ; )

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