27 June 2009

Saturday Night Muttering

11:30pm, almost bedtime........time for a quick probing of my subconscious!

  1. Guest :: Be our guest, be our guest (Beauty and the Beast)

  2. Impact :: It's the final countdown (don't know why I thought of this song?)

  3. Unplanned :: Pregnancy

  4. Tactic :: tactical maneuvers

  5. Delayed :: gratification

  6. Bombastic :: Pompous

  7. Comfort :: I have become comfortably numb

  8. Trumpet :: Wynton Marsalis plays one

  9. Joe :: the plumber, six-pack

  10. Budget :: It's hard to live within one
Icky words this week, my thoughts weren't very forth coming out of my unconscious. Want to give muttering a try?

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